About Us


Thanks for stopping by and checking out our blog. We are a family of 6 – mommy, daddy and four girls ages 7, 5, 3 & 9 months.  Currently we live in Oregon again, but we have lived in Florida, but have also lived  in Oregon (once before) and California. Joey and I have been together for awhile  Our four girls have quite the personalities and keep us active.

We are a big family trying to leave a tiny footprint.  We strive to live a non-toxic lifestyle and while we are always a work in progress I’m very proud of how far our family has come.  I know personally how overwhelming it can be to try to switch over your household to a non-toxic living space.  I’ve taken out most of the guesswork AND on a budget!! Connect with us and let me help you clear your life of toxins.

Enjoy ~Kimberly Green


I thought I would tell a bit more about me since I am the main author of our blog.  I LOVE the story “Because of Winn-Dixie” and it inspired my ever-changing decalog about myself….

  1. My personality and life are full of contradictions.
  2. Environmentally health conscious, eco-friendly wife/mother that is a constant work in progress.
  3. I believe in intuition and deep connections with the earth and each other.
  4. I am a wife to an amazing husband and mother to four creative beautiful girls. I am grateful to have someone in my life that is as creative as he is. He is my polar opposite in many ways, yet complements my “downfalls”.
  5. I was a full time elementary teacher, I am currently a SAHM. I’ve taught for over 13 years in three states, eight grades levels and three support specialist positions.
  6. I believe in the zodiac, the Chinese zodiac and “mystical” things.
  7. I LOVE lists
  8. I like creating things.
  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE essential oils AND NO I am not a crunchy granola mom
  10. Living tiny is an interesting adventure I never imagined we would be on! Stay tuned for our exploits


Questions? Comments?