Another File Cabinet Makeover

I had a cabinet my grandpa picked up from somewhere and it was a pretty rusty heap on the bottom. I decided I could use it at school IF I fixed it up. So I pinned some ideas from Pinterest and thought I’ll use the leftover paint from my “mailbox” project (check that out here), left over material and Modge  Podge. This file cabinet makeover turned out better than I thought it would.


Here are the results and tips from along the way.


first I took out all of the drawers and sanded away the rust and glossy pealing clear-coat.

file cbinet start

Next I sanded down the exterior cabinet to remove the tons of rust you can see.  I sanded down to pretty much bare metal.


I didn’t have much paint of just one color left over so I used all and painted each side a different color.  I would not do that again, as I was not to crazy about the way it came out, but it’s in a classroom closet so no biggie.


Now came the fun part with the material  I won’t go over all the steps as Cathy Green has an awesome website with great directions.  Just click this link to get there.

IMG_3882 IMG_3886

I used my quilting board to make four identical squares of fabric. The only problem that I had was that the drawers did not slide back into the filing cabinet well after I wrapped the Modge Podge over the edge.  It has also been a number of months and while it is dry the drawers get “stuck/glued” back in and I have to yank on them to get them open.  Next time I would NOT wrap the material over the bottom or sides of the drawers.  I think if my cabinet had some space it would have worked well to wrap, but it didn’t.


Do you have an amazing project to share?  Send me pictures! I’d love to see it.

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