Canning Summer Florida Peaches

Florida is not known for their peaches – that’s Georgia.  However, in my tiny tiny town of Coleman a man started growing peaches and they were WONDERFUL!!!  So I attempted my first canning of peaches.  I used a LIGHT LIGHT syrup and the boil method as you can see below.  I also used a canning book from the 60’s that the recipes are much more flavorful and reliable.  I know will have peaches to enjoy all winter long!

Right after this my back burner went bad 🙁   Oh well… the peaches are ready!

peaches done


peachpot fix


Here is my quick method for canning peaches…

1. Start water bath that the jars will go into when you are done filling

2. Wash peaches and cut into slices (do not peel )

3. treat to prevent darkening (slice directly into a solution of 2 TBS salt & 2 TBS vinegar and 1 gallon water)

4. Stuff sliced peaches into jars skin side up – cut side down

5. Make syrup –  2 cups sugar to 4 cups water is standard (I only used one cup to 4) Bring to a boil

6. Hot pack pouring syrup to 1/4″ head space

7. Run a spatula around the outside to release any bubbles.

8. Wipe jar top and lid. Screw lid and band on.

9. Boil in a gentle boil for 30 minutes.

10. Pull out and leave on counter until cool with a towel underneath.  (never place on a cold surface)

11. Once cooled press on lid to make sure it is sealed – if it does not pop back up when pressed on – it IS sealed.  If not sealed – place in fridge and use with in a few days.

2 thoughts on “Canning Summer Florida Peaches

  1. Sarah says:

    They look awesome! Thanks to your instructions I canned a bushel myself. Even left the skins on. They are such a nice treat and a pint makes a cute little pie. Maybe you can post the directions!

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