Fourth of July Children’s Handprint and Footprint artwork

july coll fix

Well… I had grand ideas about our footprint and handprint artwork for the month of July.  Alas… my children went with simple ideas this time.. probably for the best 🙂 after June’s animal debacle.  The first two are my oldest and youngest.  They went simple with fireworks… we even played the song by Katy Perry while we worked. Placed some handprints down and they went to town with the colors and dots. they used their fingers to make dots and the swirls along with brushes.

delainey 4th fix nittaya 4th fix

Paityn worked with me a bit and got a tad more excited than the other two.  So we painted one half of each foot blue and one half red.  After letting that dry she added the dots for stars on the flag with a paintbrush.  For the stripes she used her finger and just painted them on.  She also helped me with the outer blue and the white stars.  All three paintings had white ribbon. Footprint and handprint art was a breeze this month.paityn 4th fix

Check out our other handprint and footprint ideas throughout the months/seasons.  Do you have any ideas?  Share with us.

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  1. 12 x 12 Canvas Pack of 7
  2. Acrylic Paint bottles (bulk)
  3.  Gold Acrylic Paint
  4. Paint Pens for writing names/dates
  5. Brushes

Questions? Comments?