Animal Handprint and Footprint Artwork

So this month it was DOUBLE DUTY!  We made out three painting for the wall PLUS Father’s Day Paintings.  Well, I LOVED the Father’s Day Paintings, but my girls decided they wanted animals… ugghhh my worst nightmare, BUT I’ll give it a shot!

I started with my oldest who knew right away she wanted a frog.  This one seemed the easiest as well so best place for me to start.  All in all her frog turned out pretty well.  Once her frog footprint was dry -it was sitting in the middle of the canvas looking pretty sad.  She decided she wanted him sitting on a log.  I gave her the outline and she painted it in.  I did add the details to the log to make it look more like a log then a brown tube.  This then morphed into the log NEEDING to be in water.  So I mixed up some blue and she set to work painting the water. Of course he needed some flies to eat and we had to have sparkle (hard to see but the insect wings are silver sparkle).  I showed her one and she did the rest.  She picked out dark blue ribbon and we were DONE!  One down….

frong june fix

Frog Footprint Art

TWO more to go.  I wasn’t particularly looking forward to the giraffe or monkey that the other two decided on, so I just moved onto the giraffe (mainly because the baby was still asleep).

Paityn is obsessed with giraffes so this was little hard for me to visualize.  Once I figured out that I could use her hand for the body and the “extra pinky” could be a tail we were set to go.  This girafee was actually quite easy.  Paityn was even able to paint the neck and the spots all on her own.  Out of all there she is the most artsy.  So while i was proud of our giraffe…. here was my BIG mistake – he was literally floating in the sky.  NOT even near the ground.  EVEN if I added a tree he would be at an awkward spot on the canvas… OOOOPPPSSSS.  So I looked up African trees and Pai picked one she liked.  Africa really is kinda flat and not to hilly and oh well… we needed a hill.  So there you go.  We tried to match the savannah colors as best we could.  Lesson learned at least for me, put your animals near the “ground” in the paintings.  We also did add yellow paint (not shown) on the edge to finsih it off.  See my tips in tricks in our Christmas post.  She did an awesome job with the grass and tree don’t you think (she’s only three).  I did do the branches on the tree though for her.  Last one….

giraffe fix june

So you would have thought I learned my lesson with the giraffe, but NO… the cute monkey (Delainey actually let me paint her hand with NO complaints) was floating in the air as well.  I added the tree first thinking this would help.  NOPE.  Then should add an arm like he is hanging – yeah… no.  This was already too much and arm would ruin the picture.  So my friend’s daughter suggested coconuts.  A little odd and I still am not too happy and The face was SUPER hard on this one and I think he looks like a bear,  BUT Delainey LOVED it.. and it is hers.. so there you go.

monkey june fix

Any animal handprint and footprint paintings you have done?  Link up below – I’d love to see your ideas.

What did I use?  Check out my art tools : *contains affiliate links

  1. 12 x 12 Canvas Pack of 7
  2. Acrylic Paint bottles (bulk)
  3.  Gold Acrylic Paint
  4. Paint Pens for writing names/dates
  5. Ribbon – bought at walmart

Questions? Comments?