Ready, Set…. FREEZE – Crockpot freezer meals!

I LOVE freezer meals and I LOVE my crockpot – so I love crockpot freezer meals  – this is one of my favorite ways to prepare meals for the family.

In my quest to have more meals planned out and ready – this is a great way to get some days prepared ahead of time.  In addition we also have a month long planning calendar that we write on .  I like to prepare a bunch of these “ready made meals” and then use our sealing machine to close them up and put in the freezer.  At the most it took me an hour to prepare 10-12 meals.  I don’t have much counter space so I am not able to have an assembly line style that most posts mention, BUT if I did this would likely only take 40 minutes tops!

Since there are a TON of great sites out there with crockpot freezer meal recipes, I won’t waste time recreating the wheel, instead i’ll place some links at the bottom of the great sites I’ve come across…  and if you have any suggestions – send me a message. I’m always looking for more ideas.

crockpot meal fix

 Here  you can see my sealing machine in the background.  I also write with a Sharpie right on the bag: Date packaged, cook times, anything I need to add when I throw it in the crockpot and of course  – Meal Name.

crockpot meal 2 fix

A lot of the recipes will call for canned items.  I do a lot of substituting for fresh or frozen foods.  Especially since we are trying to go as organic and GMO free as possible.

crockpot meal 3 fix


Here are a few links for you to try!  Pinterest also has a TON of ideas on there.  Check out my pinterest link here.

1. Six Cents Freezer Meals

2. Six Sisters – I LOVE them for all recipes!

3. Once a Month Meals – this one is amazing  – organized by vegetarian, paleo , diet, etc!!

4.New Leaf Wellness

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