DIY – Fall Handprint & Footprint Art – September

september all fixSeptember’s Handprint & Footprint Artwork.

I really enjoyed this month’s handprint artwork for September.  Mainly because my soon to be 2 yo – picked out her own handprint art AND… she stuck to what she wanted AND…. she didn’t even fuss with the actual painting of her hand!  This was a big accomplishment for us.

Once all three paintings were done, we saw a one…two…three pattern.  I attempted a cute rhyme with the fall theme.  Seriously I should have thought a little harder on it, but the girls loved it!  Also for the apple tree for the trunk you could do a footprint instead.  Nittaya wasn’t into that, so she just painted her own trunk.  For the dots around the apple border, Paityn simply want to use her finger and she ONLY wanted the orange and brown.  I tried to convince her otherwise, but it is her art 🙂

delainey fix


  Three little acorns sitting in a tree…..






paityn fix sep


                         With two juicy apples just for me.  All….






nittaya spe fix


                                                          in an orchard for us to see.







Here is a side view.  We painted each side a different fall color.  We were even able to match the ribbon colors to the each of the colors on the side of the paintings.

side sep fix Check out our other handprint and footprint art from different months of the year. December includes my tips and tricks (or mistakes along the way) to avoid.



Father’s Day


Do you have any great handprint art for fall?  Feel free to share with us.. we love to see and hear about new ideas.

What did I use?  Check out my art tools : *contains affiliate links

  1. 12 x 12 Canvas Pack of 7
  2. Acrylic Paint bottles (bulk)
  3.  Gold Acrylic Paint
  4. Paint Pens for writing names/dates
  5. Ribbon – bought at walmart

Questions? Comments?