DIY – Handprint & Footprint Art – Easter Craft Art

Easter bunny Handprint & Footprint Art

Another month and another theme.. Easter!  I’ll be honest this was a rough month and we were short on time. So,  I picked the picture for them to do, but they got to pick the colors of their bunny and decorate them.  They still loved the Easter bunny project – so it was a win-win in my mommy book (especially since I suck at animals you can check out how much at this disaster project)

This one was a pretty simple foot. I had the older two add the ears and tail ( I did this part for the 1 1/2 yr old). The girls did the dot border themselves and I modeled how to draw the face with the paint marker and they were able to complete this too!

Overall they were pretty cute and quick. The pictures did not turn out so well against the similar color wall, but what ya gonna do?

Next up… May and Mother’s Day

  1. 12 x 12 Canvas Pack of 7
  2. Acrylic Paint bottles (bulk)
  3.  Gold Acrylic Paint
  4. Paint Pens for writing names/dates
  5. Ribbon – bought at walmart


Questions? Comments?