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In my post on our JUNE handprint and footprint art I talked about Father’s Day Craft paintings.   I absolutely LOVE the way the gifts turned out and everyone loved the unique art.  I thought about something unique to each of the three people.  I started with my dad (loves golf), then my grandpa (loves baseball) – then my husband (tools, but ehhh… I’ll come back to that one).

Usually my girls get to pick what they do, but since this wasn’t for them it was for someone else.  It was wonderful because we ended up being able to discuss the importance of thinking of others when we do make or do things for them.

For my dad we went with the golf theme.  This was super simple.  I just put their footprints on the canvas in three random spots.  I then outlined some water and sand features.  which the girls painted in.  I did the golf flags and added their age to the flag and their name.  I ALMOST added the saying.. “Our Grandpa is a Hole in One”, but this is a long funny story about an engraved golf ball that didn’t quite work out… so we left it at Happy Father’s Day!  The sides are painted red.  We didn’t put any ribbon on this like I usually do.  Dad was super happy about this  – too frilly and besides it wouldn’t look the best in a law office 🙂

Father's Day Golf Craft


For grandpa (or great grandpa) we went baseball.  I’m actually happy with the way this Father’s day craft turned out, since we had some mistakes I had to cover up.  I drew in the baseball first with a circle cup and then let my youngest put her handprint on the baseball and then added the “stitching” lines. Next I had Paityn do her handprint for the glove and then went back and also added the “stitching” lines.  Those two went well.  The problem wasn’t really the bat it ended up being the placement of her foot.  By the time I realized it the paint was too dry to wash off and it would have run into the blue.  WARNING   – do the edges last- mark them off but paint them last (and I knew this).   Any..ways… her foot was  a little off and she really wanted to paint around her foot – so I let her and it was a little wobbly, but it still looks cute.  In order to cover up some flaws – I went back over with a grey paint around the objects- which I liked a lot better.  The saying is cute too – even if a little off kilter.

Father's Day Baseball Craft


Finally it was time for DADDY!  Well his Father’s Day Craft was stumping me I couldn’t figure out how to make it using tools.  BUT, then my oldest asked me to go and buy daddy’s surprise fishing pole.  So we went to the store to pick that up and they found a fish card to go with it and I thought… ohhh I feel a THEME coming on… so a fish painting was born.  It actually was soooo cute!  And Daddy loves anything they make.  It doesn’t look that great up against our blue wall, but seeing as this is the Feng Shui area for Children and creativity.. that’s where it’s gonna hang.  Maybe more green to offset it or leave the background white ?? and even though it was for a MAN – daddy “NEEDED the silver ribbon – just NO BOW mommy.”


Father's Day Fishing Art

Do you have any Father’s Day Crafts or handprint/footprint art?  We’d love to see what you’ve done.

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