DIY – Kid’s mini sled Christmas craft

Adorable mini Christmas sled craft.

homemade crafts

DIY – Christmas sled decorations

This Christmas craft was fun to do, a bit messy and a bit of fixing up… but they will look adorable hanging on the wall or in a series on a table.  The girls loved painting them and they even hammered the nails in.

This project was one of the AWESOME free projects that Home Depot offers to kids the first Saturday of EACH month!  We didn’t make it in time to do the project there, but we they did give us the project and we completed it once we got home.

Lesson I learned – invest in paint pens!!!!  It makes writing soooooo much easier and not so messy looking.

handmade children's craft

DIY – Christmas sled decoration

handmade christmas craft

DIY – Christmas sled

homemade christmas crafts

DIY – Christmas sled decoration









First they nailed (yep they did it) the pieces together.

Then they took turns painting first the bottom rails and then the top red.

I did the writing first and then they added the snowflakes ( i had sample pictures out for them).  The trick was VERY small, thin paintbrushes.

There were some mistakes, drips, etc.., but I went back over with red paint.  Sill not thrilled with my lettering, but now that I know about paint pens lettering has gotten much easier (and has helped my OCD).

I love handmade quick Christmas crafts.  Do you have any favorite Christmas crafts that you have done with your kids that you can share?  We’d love to see what else is out there.


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