DIY – Whisper Phones

final phone fix

I borrowed whisper phones from other teachers in the past, but until last year – I didn’t even think of making my own.  Then I had six!  students who HAD to read out loud.  It wasn’t until the very end of the school year that I remembered the whisper phones.  After calling a friend for dimensions – I decided to make my own DIY – whisper phones.


It was much simpler than I imagined.

Here are the supplies you will need.

  1. One 3/4″ PVC pipe.  A 1o foot piece will make about 30 phones.
  2. 10 piece package of PVC pipe (90 degree elbows) this will make 5 phones – Depending on the number of total phones you will need to purchase the appropriate number of packages.  This is much cheaper then buying the elbows individually.
  3. Duck Tape – any color you choose
  4. Table saw
  5. rubber mallet

In the picture you can see where I attempted to measure and mark the entire 10′ piece and then cut.  After my first few cuts – I asked my husband why they weren’t lining up.  He showed me a much more effective way – He had me mark the table saw with a piece of masking tape to the correct length instead.  You will want the cut measurement of each “handle” to be 3 1/2″.

pipe mark fix

My first attempt marking the tube.

saw mark fix

Much more accurate attempt – using green masking tape & marking the tape

pile cut pipes fix

Finished pile of cut tubes – About 5 minutes to cut all 30 pieces



I forgot to take pictures of the steps in between.  So here is what you do… push an elbow on each end – this was a bit harder then I realized.  I ended up using a rubber mallet and smacking the elbows all the way on.  This was the hardest step of them all.

Next, I took the duck tape and wrapped it around lining it up against one elbow. It will not go all the way to the other elbow.  You will need to rip a second strip and overlay it on the first.

It’s that simple – All done and ready to use!

3 thoughts on “DIY – Whisper Phones

    • kim says:

      I leave the basket out for the kids to grab whenever they need them. I also leave a container of wipes next to the basket for WIPE DOWN.

  1. kim says:

    I use them in small group when they silent read to themselves while I test kids for running records. BUT… they are also left out in a basket for silent reading station or anytime a studnet feels they need them. Also… teach them how to clean the phones with some wipes. I leave them right next to the basket.

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