Spring Blueberry Picking

We had a great time blueberry picking to store and freeze.  Check out my post on using some for jam later in the year.  The girls each had a bucket and enjoyed eating picking the yummy fruit.  We left super early in the morning in order to beat the heat (as you can see no shade), but it still became warm pretty quick.

blueberry 1 fix

Blueberries are ready in Florida way earlier than we were used to, but we still managed to catch the end of the season and had about 15 pounds.  Not only is this a fun family adventure, the kids got to see where their fruit comes from all the way to making our own jam and fruit smoothies.  (and it is WAAAYYY cheaper).  Once we got home we spread all the fruit out and let it air dry (don’t rinse that’s what causes the fruit to stick together).  We then packed it into ziplock bags and stuck them in the freezer.

blueberrty 2 fix

Do you pick your own fruit?  How do you use it? Share your ideas with us.


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