Take Time to Smell the Cookies

Lately it seems as if there isn’t enough time for me to get anything done. My oldest reminded me differently today.

Are your kids addicted to this CookieSwirlC on YouTube?  Mine are.  Essentially it’s these silly videos of a girl opening up all sorts of blind bags and playing with the toys she gets.  My girls LOVE it and I never “got it”. I glanced here and there, but never really watched it.  It seemed silly and well I hate to say it….childish.

Tonight was a strange night.  Hubby down sick, Delainey fell asleep at 6:00, Paityn fell asleep at 4:00, so it was just the baby and NIttaya.  I have been feeling stressed about not getting this blog where I want it to be and thought perfect timing.  Now.. where to work in this tiny place to get away.  I headed to the girls room (yeah they weren’t sleeping in there).  I was all prepared to get this SHIT organized.  I am not sure what stopped me or even what question I asked my oldest, but she said “do you want to see the newest Shopkins video of season 7?”

I stopped and looked at her. In my head I was thinking.. “NO I have a minute to get this done. No, it’s some silly video I don’t care about.”  What I said instead was “sure come sit with me.” And I watched not just one, but two (okay maybe four).  And I asked questions. And I saw some cute toys.

I realized that life with four kids is hard.  It is hard to give them each a bit of your time alone.  It’s even harder when you feel like you need to do twenty million things and can’t get one done.  BUT tonight when she said “what do you want to watch now? because I don’t want you to leave.” I realized she needed me to just be there.  So we watched a bunch of CookieSwirlC on Youtube and I didn’t stress out that I didn’t get my list done. Because that list was missing something.. time with my kids.

Instead I added to my list.. stop and take a moment because they go fast. She asked if I would watch with her again.  And i replied “absolutely.”

If you get a moment and want to watch the videos – click the cute cookie link below.

Questions? Comments?