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Tiny living, BIG family.. How our adventure started

Tiny Living? What’s That?

I never dreamed of joining the tiny living movement, let alone thought we would be a part of it (forever how long).  You see that lovely RV?  It was originally bought for my husband’s out-of-town jobs (not tiny living).  They would pay him per diem to stay in a hotel.  Well.. the more logical choice for us was to get an RV so we could all stay with him when possible and they would still cover his lodging.

I guess life throws you its surprises… this was a big one.  I became pregnant with our fourth child and having 4 kids six and under.. meant a pretty penny for daycare. I had also just lost my job in a field I no longer loved. We were better off with me staying home AND we also decided we preferred life back in Oregon.  So.. we put our house up for sale thinking we had time for it to sell.  It sold in 6 days! So hubby put in his notice and we were on our way  to downsizing from 3900 sq ft to  about 300 sq ft.

I started my neurotic research on how to best organize our space for all of us.. NOTHING specific to our situation.  We weren’t gutting an old RV and redoing it, we weren’t retrofitting an old bus, we weren’t building one of those cute specially designed tiny houses like on the shows (yes i tried to watch those too for ideas) So… I proceeded to figure out our needs and analyze what would work.  Once we put our minds to living out of our pull behind RV, we had a lot to condense, get rid of, and strategically organize.. really REALLY organize.    Check out my post on how I organized 6 of us in an 29 ft RV.

On Our Way..sort of

As insane as it was we hit the road with our then, 6 yo, 4 yo, 2 yo and 3 day old.. Yep you read that right three day old! In many ways it was actually a bit freeing.  We had a roof over our head and could easily stay in campgrounds until we figured out our long term housing.  An exact road map as to where and when we needed to be anywhere.

We stayed at many RV campgrounds, we really liked the KOA’s they had great facilities and amenities at most of them.  Life in a campground is pretty easy to maintain.  There are plugins, free internet, water and sewer already there to connect to.   Yet they are  confining as well due to the small RV spot.  Our goal once we arrived was our own land  to put our RV on.  We were going to live out of our RV while we built a permanent structure.

Well… we found our land after a few months – a perfect 2 acres. It already had a well, but that was it.  Hubby groomed out a pad for us and a storage pad to build a shed/storage structure. We pulled our RV up there and having been living on it since the beginning of December 2016.

More questions then answers

You might be wondering some things right now..like how the weather affects our water supply, or wait.. Only a well, no septic -how do they? Where do they? Don’t worry.. I’ll let you in on all of our dirty secrets.

I wasn’t sure that living in such small quarters would work and there are times It does drive me bat shit crazy, but I really just need to step outside onto our property and to realize I have enough space.  We came back for the land and MOST  of  it is turning out great, but there has been and will continue to be some rearranging, reorganizing and repairing.

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