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HERE’S THE LOW DOWN On why I use Oils:

My main reason now  that I use oils is to live a healthy non-toxic life for my family- while still being on budget.  Yes, oils are cost effective and ave VERY versatile have used essential oils (EO’s) since 2007.  Honestly at first I thought they were kinda weird.  I mainly used my diffuser and a few oils topically.  My first AH HA, was when I realized that I could use oils as deodorant by making my own.  This was HUGE.. as deodorants didn’t work and I pretty much smelled all the time.  Overtime I have added to my oil repertoire and now use them in cleaning, cooking, healthcare, with our kids, with our pets, pregnancy, nursing, you name it… I’ve tried it. We have eliminated ALL non-toxic chemicals out of our house simply from using essential oils.

Don’t know much about oils? Not sure how to use them? NO WORRIES!!! That’s what I’m here for.  You can ask questions, join our private Facebook group, get tons of infographics, free virtual classes and PDF’s and an e-course with DIY recipes  – just from signing up with me.  I LOVE sharing the power of EO’s and can’t wait to start this journey with you… keep reading for more info (and some cool freebies)

HERE’S THE LOW Down on how to order your life changing oils:

Check out what you get when you order your premium starter kit. If you are interested in more info that is not listed below contact me here.

In order to get started you will want to sign up for a PREMIUM STARTER KIT.  There are three kits to choose from, BUT the best deal is the premium starter kit.

The Premium Starter Kit comes with a total of 11 bottles of essential oil PLUS your choice of a diffuser and some samples!  Your price for the kit starts at $160 an amazing deal I KNOW!   (valued at over $325).  Once signed up you are now a wholesale member and receive 24% off future orders.

essential oils Premium Starter Kit


  • 5 Single Oils – Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon Vitality, Peppermint Vitality, Copaiba Vitality
  • 6 Blends – Panaway, Stress Away, Purification, Thieves Vitality, R.C., DiGize Vitality


If you enroll with me below, as a thank you for joining my team, I’ll also send you two FREE bonus gifts* and you’ll be entered into my monthly drawing.  As well as…. access to our private Facebook group, my entire collection of powerpoints that can be used for personal knowledge , teach classes etc.., and distribution materials, an E-course, DiY recipes, 222 uses guide and of course ME to help answer any questions you need.  


If you are considering selling along with using the oils. Keep reading I’m about to answer your questions.

Q: What do I need to do differently to earn commission?                                                                             A: Two things. 1. keep promoting the oils and 2. Place an order with ER each month of $100.

Q: How much can I make?                                                                                                                                 A: Here are some basics that you start out at:

Quick Start Bonus – When you sponsor a new distributor, earn 25% of your personally enrolled distributor’s orders during their first three months. You can earn up to $200 per enrolled distributor!

Start Living Bonus – Earn a one-time $25 cash bonus when your personally enrolled distributors order the Premium Starter Kit.

Downline Commissions – After the first three months you will receive 8% commission on your personally enrolled distributor’s orders and 5% on any distributor’s they enroll. I will have this info posted in our group in a spreadsheet.

NOW I KNOW YOU ARE REALLY READY! CLICK HERE to sign up.  Make sure it is my enroller/sponser number to get all the free bonuses.